03:08:38 States of Emergency by Traniteatret-Bergen (2019-2022) [collaboration]

I did all the cinematography in the award winning performance 03:08:38 States of Emergency. The performance is created by Traniteatret-Bergen with the director Tore Vagn Lid.

03: 08: 38 TILSTANDER AV UNNTAK was awarded two «Hedda Prizes», and received the «Oslo Prize for Performing Arts of the Year». in 2020.

03:08:38 States of Emergency @ Tromsø International Film Festival 2022


03:08:38 TILSTANDER AV UNNTAK is a kind of live movie recording. A reconstruction of the afternoon of July 22, 2011, presented in real time and built on authentic radio broadcasts and audio recordings from that day. Second by second, a team of cartoonists, filmmakers and musicians work with our understanding of this groundbreaking afternoon.


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